Simple Tips to Help Beginners Get Started Safely with Rowing

Focusing on the right type of exercise can matter every bit as much as staying active in general. While some types of workouts leave participants prone to injuries and other problems, others have built up justified reputations for safety and producing results.

Among the most impressive of the latter class is the activity of rowing. Deemed by many one of the best types of exercise of all, rowing can produce a whole host of important benefits. Learning how to use a rowing machine often proves to be the first step toward significantly improved long-term fitness.

Getting Started with Rowing for Life

Fortunately, rowing is also easy to learn how to do safely and productively. A look at an in-depth rowing machine buyer guide at a site like often proves to be the most important initial step. Once a suitable machine has been found and acquired, other resources at websites like HomeGymSumo will make tips such as the following clear:

Clothing. Because rowing machines include plenty of moving parts, overly loose workout clothes should be avoided. At the same time, rowing involves engaging in a significant range of motion, so clothes that allow for uninhibited freedom of movement are necessary.

Resistance. Almost every rowing machine on the market today allows for adjustment of its resistance level. Beginners will want to start out toward the lower end of the scale, with moderately fit novices typically settling in comfortably somewhere around two or three on a ten-unit dial.

Pace. A rower’s rate of activity matters every bit as much when it comes to safety and producing results. In most cases, newcomers to the sport will want to aim for a pace of somewhere around 20 to 30 strokes per minute. Feeling forced to go any slower will normally mean that resistance has been set too high. Any faster will make the injuries that can result from poor form more likely.

Involvement. Quite a few beginning rowers make the mistake of relying too much on the upper body or even the arms alone. Rowing is essentially a whole-body workout, and the legs should provide plenty of drive. In fact, focusing mostly on making the best possible use of the legs can be a good starting point.

More Than the Average Type of Exercise

As so many have already discovered, rowing can be one of the most rewarding activities of all. Simply taking care to get started in a sound, safe manner can easily lead to many years of enjoying this special type of exercise.


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